May 5, 2013 Blog Dare Prompt – Before you even begin…

I am skipping over May 4th for now until I finish it on paper. I am still jotting my thoughts on paper for this one while also searching for a particular image to put with it, so the fourth  entry will be out-of-order. I think that it’s a little weird how some poems come to me in ‘freestyle’ mode, but others have to be dealt with in the most absolute opposite way. These are of course more difficult to publish because of all the work, research, and heart that truly creates the essence of the finished work. With that being said, please excuse my skip-over for now.

The prompt for May 5th immediately caught my eye, and I knew that this post would be in the form of a rap-like lyrics. Though I’m definitely not a rapper I still enjoy writing like this from time to time, so here goes!

Before you even begin…

Let me stop you right there

Whatever it is that you’re gonna say

I don’t even care

I don’t mind shootin’ the breeze

with a little small talk

But when it turns into that other sh*t

I’m gettin’ up and I’m gonna walk

Away from the he said she said

Little girl middle school crap

Who cares what they said about me

I sure don’t – so it’s a wrap

I don’t sit around all day

Worryin’ about what somebody else thinks

Only my opinion of myself counts

So this stuff you’re bringin’ me stinks

My momma always told me this…

I know for sure she was not wrong

“Baby, beware of the dog

that always brings you a bone.”


I’ll make it plainly clear for you

The fact that you always know what was said

Means that you had to be talkin’ too

Or maybe not

Makes absolutely no difference to me

I just happen to find it strange that

With them is where you often seem to be

For somebody who claims to be offended

By what was said behind my back

As if you have done me a favor

Thinkin’ I’ll cut you some slack


Believe me, I’m hip to this game

I’m supposed to listen to you and get pissed at them

No change, it’s always been the same

That’s why I never fall for it

Say what you wanna – I won’t stress

Who said either one of you were important enough

To get me caught up in some mess

This is what I have learned

When folks talk – you must be doin’ somethin’ right

You apparently have nothing better to do

Than speak on me all day and night

Don’t get me wrong – I do appreciate

This bone that you once again bring me

It only proves the mere fact

That the important one must be me

So when you go back to give your report

On my reaction, feelings or lack thereof

Make mention that I asked who cares

I only have feelings for the people I love

I can tell that you’re  anxious to leave now

Go on back and tell them what I said

I’m sure the conversation will be interesting

But know that you have been read

This should help you in the future

The very next time that we meet

Before you even begin

Watch your mouth, cause talk is cheap




Poem #24 – “Last Call!” Final Thoughts of a Young Homie

Man! If I hadda just listened to what you was tryin’ to tell me back in tha day

I woulda still been been there with you, but the life that I chose wouldn’t let me stay

I just had to be a gangsta…thuggin’…wantin’ to be bad

Not appreciatin’ how you worked so hard or what I coulda had

I remember how you  be used to be up at night in tha kitchen bakin’ me sweets

and all I would do was walk out the door so I could go run in them streets

Bangin’, stealin’, gankin, and some more

Didn’t even care back then what a momma was for

I used to argue you down ’bout how I didn’t wanna stay home

Usin’ the excuse that Pops had left us and would always be gone

All that dude did was punk out! Why he do us like that?

Leavin’ us to fend for ourselves…you gotta admit that shit was whack!

I’ll never forget that look on your  face. It was one of defeat

On the last day we had it out and I decided to retreat

I thought about how I had hurt you –  just like he did

Realizin’ my mistakes and how I oughta try and be a good kid

“I gotta stop worryin’ her.” That’s what I said to myself back there in my room

“I’ma cut this bangin’ out, but I gotta do it soon.”

That night you had to work the graveyard shift, and wouldn’t be back til the next day

You took a deep breath and hugged me tight, sayin’ that you would continue to pray

For once, I apologized for makin’ you worry and that I would try to do right

Little did you know that I was sneakin’ out so my boys could jump me out that night

One last blunt, one last roll, didn’t punk out neither Ma – I fought like a man!

After all they was my family when I felt I didn’t have one, so I knew they would understand

It was rough, but I was real proud of how I refused to go down… it hurt but man what a fight!

All tha homies gave me dap and said I did my thang, “Don’t worry Lil G, you aight!”

We shook on it and smoked out before I turned in my flag. This step would close the deal sho’nuff!

 O.G pulled his gat, “Naw homie – ya moms can keep that to dry her eyes after she lay yo ass up!”

Three shots rang out, as I fell to the street, under me pools of my blood started to pour

Hot slugs flew fast – hit me right in the head and neck, and one straight from my heart to yours

I was startin’ to fade out –  All I could think in the dark was, ” Man! Why didn’t I bring my gun?”

Then I saw a bright light and I heard a voice say, “The sins of the father fall on the sun!”

I was tryin’  my best to squash the whole thing, but somehow  I went about it wrong

If only I hadda listened and trusted you instead of them… ain’t no way I woulda ended up gone

I  can’t believe how I fell for all that – I was stupid to believe that bunch of lies

Now, I will never be able to wipe away your tears… nor can I stop your cries

But just because I went out like that don’t mean I’m alone –  I answered to that last call

 Sho am glad for that second chance at my very last breath – better late than not at all!

I just wanted you to know that just cause that line went flat, you don’t have to think that you’re all alone

Just keep doin’ what you told me you would that night, I’ll hear you cause now I got my ears on!


Poem #18 Off With It!

I decided to use writing prompt 18 with the beginning and ending word ‘off”. This poem is also another ‘unlove ‘ poem…here goes!

Off with the noise

Shut the crap

You lie all the time

Take a break…maybe a nap

Where is your integrity

Do you ever tell the truth

Or have you been a liar

From the days of your youth

I ain’t hearin’ it

None of it is real

You couldn’t care less how this hurts

Couldn’t care less how I feel

A one-sided conversation

Is completely void and null

You can make your mouth say anything

I guess to keep from being dull

If this is the case then it worked

No, never a dull moment with you

Making shit up as you go along

Knowing damn well it ain’t true

If lying paid, you would be rich

And you wouldn’t have to pretend

To be something that you are not

Fake talk, fake life, fake friend

Where do you get this stuff from anyway

That no one would buy or try to sell

Karma would be you spending your days

As a grotesque beast from Hell

But that probably wouldn’t bother you

You’re pretty darn close to that today

It’s not your looks but your words,

Your actions and deceitful ways

I’m talkin’ to you like this out of love

In hopes that you will one day stop

But don’t take my kindness for stupid

I ain’t eatin’ your shit-filled crock

Life could be so simple if you would let it

No matter where you live – mansion, hut, or loft

Be real with me, or shut up and ship out

This ends our little tete-a-tete…good thing I wasn’t pissed off 🙂



Poem #2 – American ‘Sense-us’

What wind blew you in? When did the rain begin?

Nowhere is where I’ve been, and my face don’t feel like wearin’ no grin…

It is clearly not my time to shine but still, I refuse to whine;

I’m just lettin’ off a little steam; it really does help me to hold back that scream;

that so badly wants to make itself  known; but I gotta act my age – ’cause I’m grown;

Temporarily and by choice, my heart turns to stone….

Why is this world so full of sin; when there is so much good to be taken in,

even when it comes to kin; folks just don’t wanna blend –

in with one another –  daughter against mother, brother killin’  brother,

be’in fake eventually blows your cover…

Why is it so hard to keep a friend, and why is it even harder to go from fat to thin?

How  can you claim to know when the world is gonna end?

The mind is in a wondrous tailspin;

when one can create a man made of tin…

Why are people these days so cruel?

Will you tell the truth or just shoot more bull?

Shall I wear leather, or will it be wool?

Where’s the sign on this door? Do I push or pull?

I apparently won’t get any answers today,

so you can just be on your merry little way.

Whether the sun shines or fluffy clouds fill the sky;

we all gotta live – at least ’til we die.

So ain’t no need of be’in bent outta shape;

Just be thankful for each day that you’re awake.

Love yourself first and the skin you’re in;

even if no man ever tells you that you’re a ten.

Rate yourself on how you live;

Are you one who takes, or one to give?

I am so over the wind that blew you in;

I’ll go where life takes me, and until then,

my once stony heart can melt again…

At the end of the day, the Earth is gonna spin;

so why ask why; why even try to fit in?

It don’t really matter if we lose or win;

I’m losin’ the frown and replacin’ my grin;

so if you just happen to not know when to say when,

Truth is –

We all gotta live – at least ’til the end…


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