Poem #28 – Memphis 1978

I’m not crazy, true story!


Bright saucer zooms down one night in July

I didn’t know whether to run or just cry

All our neighbors at once stood in awe

Of what we witnessed, not believing – but surely saw

We were  informed when Dad burst in from work

Urging us to see what he saw first

As if the thing followed on his way home

I can only wonder how he felt being alone

We saw it come straight down from the sky…stopping to hover in mid-air

But as quick as lightening, it was no longer there

Looking left, we heard it humming right over our cove

Big, bright, menacing, and frighteningly bold

With a noise, it changed from disk to four smaller orbs

Red, yellow, blue, green, unanimously alternating and more

No one on the cove said a word as if in a trance like state

In the blink of an eye, another change… the four glowing balls were now eight

Unable to describe unprecedented sounds that these blinking orbs made

Changing colors and formations intermittently, they put on quite a display

Some of us began to chatter and point at the situation at hand

Just before the eight orbs in a second became the disk again

Hovering once more  for a bit,  and beaming in all of its might

It’s flash could be seen and heard, vertically zooming  up into the night

That very night on the news, the reporter had the nerve to put out

A statement saying that it was just a weather balloon, and there was nothing to worry about

School the next day was a blast, we all gave our own personal views

On what we had seen the night before, while laughing at the guy on the news

I shall never forget that night…that scene is forever etched in my mind

The scenario was a tad bit much…I was only eight years old at the time

I have heard many stories like mine…some with even more to say

Could I too have been abducted…explaining my unusual ways?















Poem #13 – Click Your Heels

There is no doubt

I will not come out

I do not want to stand in the sunlight

I’ll just open the curtains a bit so my room will be bright

I’ll say it again

I’m not coming out – that’s your  plan

I do not want to attend your party to meet your friends

My hair is a mess, I need to clip my ends

Did you not hear me before

I am not walking out of that door

I feel no need for lunch with a group

I’ll just have a sandwich, TV, and soup

Why do you continue to persevere

Because I am staying right here

I do not wish to join your social club

I belong where I already am, thank you

It is not that I am anti-social or even mean

I simply have no interest in these things

I never said for you to just leave me alone

I happen to prefer conversation over the phone

There is no doubt

I am not coming out

I don’t judge you, so am I so wrong

I can’t help it – there’s no place like home!









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