Poem #27 – Do’s and Don’ts



This one came out a little weird. Not rhyming at first but changed towards the end. That as well as the context gave me a title after the fact. I guess it could go for a short bio too as all statements are true. I just wanted to add a little humor to cut through some of the darkness that is my real inspiration for much of my writing although the dark poems are a bit better in my humble opinion… just trying something different. Anyway, here it is!








I never learned to swim




I don’t even know how to float




You will never catch me at a pool




Or at the edge of a lake




I know exactly how to stay in my place




Which is nowhere near deep waters




I don’t know how to make good biscuits




I know all the steps but




Somehow they never come out of the oven






Baked Goods Heaven

Baked Goods Heaven (Photo credit: Renée S. Suen)


I know exactly how to stay in my place




And keep my teeth at the same time




I refuse to drive on the expressway




At least I won’t do it alone




My sense of direction is practically non-existent




I would never find my way home




I know exactly how to stay in my place




Which is to sit on the passenger’s side and hope for the best




I have never been on an airplane




I have an irrational fear of heights




I don’t like the idea of being off of the ground




Nowhere comes to mind




When thinking of places to visit that require a plane ticket




I know just how to stay in my place




When I want to travel, I read a book




A roller coaster ride for me is just a fantasy




That is the only possible way




For me to make this accomplishment without




Turning green, throwing up, or dying from sheer terror




Once again, off  of the ground is a no – no




So is moving at very high speed




I will continue to stay in my place




And be happy for others who enjoy what I don’t do




I have no problem with slightly living




Vicariously through




As long as I am satisfied with myself




No problem should be posed for you




I know where my place is and I will stay there




My pride is stored on a shelf




I will simply stick to what I do know




Because I am good enough at it to share





























Poem #6 – Spring Break

Oh joy! Warm breeze blows through trees;

Hummingbirds, flowers, pollen, bees;

Rain finally falls – I am so relieved;

Lettuce, tomatoes, peppers in their own row – seeds, grow now please!


Windows opened, cool air flows in on a cloudy day;

Muddy, dark, sleepy, – comfy in the house we stay;

Napping, lounging, wet – can’t go out to play;

The best weather I could ever ask for – wouldn’t have it any other way!


Flowers and plants are fed, the sun brightly shines again;

In the park kids play, at picnic tables sit women and men;

Slabs cook away on the grill while relatives ask how you’ve been;

Old uncle bangs the stakes down for horseshoes, hope my team wins!


Laid back in my lawn chair under the shade when my cell phone vibrates;

Well, what do ya know, it just happens to be a call from one of the kids’ schoolmates;

“Hi, just asking for permission for us to go out and skate.”

“Oh sure that’s fine as long as you remember to be back home at eight.”


It’s the weekend baby, the sky is clear, this is as good as it gets;

The bills are paid, the house is clean, all our needs are met;

Call up some friends, make some lemonade and set up the volleyball net;

What a day it was, what a day it was, I wonder what will happen next!


Spring Break is over,the fun is done, time to go back to school;

Gotta get these weeds from around my veggies, got my gardening tools;

Bedtime at nine, and back up at six, that’s the golden rule;

Can’t wait til summer when it’s really hot, but man, will it be cool!








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