May 5, 2013 Blog Dare Prompt – Before you even begin…

I am skipping over May 4th for now until I finish it on paper. I am still jotting my thoughts on paper for this one while also searching for a particular image to put with it, so the fourth  entry will be out-of-order. I think that it’s a little weird how some poems come to me in ‘freestyle’ mode, but others have to be dealt with in the most absolute opposite way. These are of course more difficult to publish because of all the work, research, and heart that truly creates the essence of the finished work. With that being said, please excuse my skip-over for now.

The prompt for May 5th immediately caught my eye, and I knew that this post would be in the form of a rap-like lyrics. Though I’m definitely not a rapper I still enjoy writing like this from time to time, so here goes!

Before you even begin…

Let me stop you right there

Whatever it is that you’re gonna say

I don’t even care

I don’t mind shootin’ the breeze

with a little small talk

But when it turns into that other sh*t

I’m gettin’ up and I’m gonna walk

Away from the he said she said

Little girl middle school crap

Who cares what they said about me

I sure don’t – so it’s a wrap

I don’t sit around all day

Worryin’ about what somebody else thinks

Only my opinion of myself counts

So this stuff you’re bringin’ me stinks

My momma always told me this…

I know for sure she was not wrong

“Baby, beware of the dog

that always brings you a bone.”


I’ll make it plainly clear for you

The fact that you always know what was said

Means that you had to be talkin’ too

Or maybe not

Makes absolutely no difference to me

I just happen to find it strange that

With them is where you often seem to be

For somebody who claims to be offended

By what was said behind my back

As if you have done me a favor

Thinkin’ I’ll cut you some slack


Believe me, I’m hip to this game

I’m supposed to listen to you and get pissed at them

No change, it’s always been the same

That’s why I never fall for it

Say what you wanna – I won’t stress

Who said either one of you were important enough

To get me caught up in some mess

This is what I have learned

When folks talk – you must be doin’ somethin’ right

You apparently have nothing better to do

Than speak on me all day and night

Don’t get me wrong – I do appreciate

This bone that you once again bring me

It only proves the mere fact

That the important one must be me

So when you go back to give your report

On my reaction, feelings or lack thereof

Make mention that I asked who cares

I only have feelings for the people I love

I can tell that you’re  anxious to leave now

Go on back and tell them what I said

I’m sure the conversation will be interesting

But know that you have been read

This should help you in the future

The very next time that we meet

Before you even begin

Watch your mouth, cause talk is cheap




Poem #25 – Transformer

Soothing nature      -     Gueret, France, 2013

Soothing nature – Gueret, France, 2013 (Photo credit:


The trends that beset us are only for a time


Slowly, gradually, growing


So widely that it is uncontrolled


After a time…where is the knowing


That once beheld us safely


Teaching, grasping, staid


The days are now moving hastily


Seemingly without a care


For what has ultimately been made


Straying, aloof, not there


Long is the summer full of rampage


Violent, hot, lascivious


Artificial air is my cage


Soothing, wanted, superfluous


A calming peace drives in through the night


Softly, straight, throughout


White becomes black and black becomes white


The addiction inevitably brings on the drought


Riches are worthless in an impoverished land


Selfishly, possessive, ungracious


Where none make the exchange from one to the other hand


Aiding, abetting, abolishing


The days are upon us


For the trends that beset us


To be malnourished, negated, done







Poem #21

Oh my, how loud they are!


Yelling, screaming – the loudest by far!


From one room to the next, I cannot escape;


The loudness, the noise, how much more can I take!


Suddenly, there is silence now;


I don’t care why, certainly not how.


Hopefully this will last for a while;


I can sit back now…relaxed, with a smile.


Well, there it is again – didn’t last very long;


For them to be so small, their lungs are quite strong.


I guess I shouldn’t complain – today is a good day;


To listen to your kids happily engaged at play!


Simpsons Comics - Dollars to Donuts ...In real...

Simpsons Comics – Dollars to Donuts …In real life, not everyone is a winner — “dumbing down” expectations by honoring everyone equally (June 8, 2012 / 18 Sivan 5772) … (Photo credit: marsmet545)






Poem #20 – Permanence

Dare I say that we are together and doing well

When the night before was unmitigated hell

How can this be now

I reached my boiling point then, but my head still aches

Yet, I am awakened by the feel of scratchy stubble on my face

In the softness of fury, forth and back we go

Constantly, unknowingly, aware, alert… to and fro

Night and day hate each other

I am entrapped by your arms’ embrace

Your lips find mine, we both steal a taste

Yes and no are best friends

Mingled, mangled, and drowning… optionally yours

Destructive storms make still waters behind closed doors

Your comfort kills my piece of mind

Insults and praise twist themselves and are intertwined

We speak the same language

Fire chars and burns your soul

The fire that heats my voice before traveling through the black hole

Wrath resides where pure bliss lives

You take, I take, we both give

We are selfish

Angry white steam evaporates up into the night air

With your gesture as hateful hands smooth back my hair

Stay away from me, but don’t leave

Disaster, peace, in oblivious glee we conceive

Our spirits are razed and raised

Rhythmically, tranquil raindrops fall…they are tears

Unmitigated hell is flooded out…washed away are all fears

We are transformed

Our desperate lifeline has become a promise etched in stone

The promise lives, dies, and is regrown

Poem #19 – Invisible

They wear their smiles

to hide genuine dislike

For the lot of them

The normal people

The ones who smile because  they are happy

They flaunt their riches

to cover true disgust

For the lot of them – the regulars

The ones who can’t afford to be rich, but are thankful

They use their power

to disguise their bigotry

For the lot of them – the hopefuls

The ones who have no clout but don’t really care because someone loves them

The lot of them

Who are they

Where do they live

How do they keep up

What will become of them

Their names are



















That is who they are, where they live, and how they keep up

The normals

The regulars

The hopefuls

The lot of them

They give themselves no labels or status

They check themselves

They love themselves

They give and receive

They believe in

And trust themselves

Even when they don’t

It matters not to

The lot of them…

Will survive


Poem #18 Off With It!

I decided to use writing prompt 18 with the beginning and ending word ‘off”. This poem is also another ‘unlove ‘ poem…here goes!

Off with the noise

Shut the crap

You lie all the time

Take a break…maybe a nap

Where is your integrity

Do you ever tell the truth

Or have you been a liar

From the days of your youth

I ain’t hearin’ it

None of it is real

You couldn’t care less how this hurts

Couldn’t care less how I feel

A one-sided conversation

Is completely void and null

You can make your mouth say anything

I guess to keep from being dull

If this is the case then it worked

No, never a dull moment with you

Making shit up as you go along

Knowing damn well it ain’t true

If lying paid, you would be rich

And you wouldn’t have to pretend

To be something that you are not

Fake talk, fake life, fake friend

Where do you get this stuff from anyway

That no one would buy or try to sell

Karma would be you spending your days

As a grotesque beast from Hell

But that probably wouldn’t bother you

You’re pretty darn close to that today

It’s not your looks but your words,

Your actions and deceitful ways

I’m talkin’ to you like this out of love

In hopes that you will one day stop

But don’t take my kindness for stupid

I ain’t eatin’ your shit-filled crock

Life could be so simple if you would let it

No matter where you live – mansion, hut, or loft

Be real with me, or shut up and ship out

This ends our little tete-a-tete…good thing I wasn’t pissed off 🙂



Poem #17 – “We Are!” (A tribute to them all)

We are the ones who make your life complete

We are the ones that you can’t wait to meet

We are brand new yet very old

We are the ones who are most bold

We are the ones who have undeniable strength

We are the ones for whom you shall repent

We have our own minds…our thoughts are pure

We are the ones who most endure

We suffer pain from the hands of one yet many

We have yet to retaliate against any

We are the ones who stay the course

We display silent resilience behind trauma and force

We suffer sickness, but are not afraid to die

We are the ones who know Him best – but you don’t understand why

We hold you blameless when you fail to give

We accept our conditions, and thrive on divine will

We live, learn, and are without sin

We are your prized possession…some of us your kin

We abide and behave cordially when you offer us no choice

We are far better that you think, we can see Him and hear His voice

We are the ones who in times of trouble stand still

We are the ones who are neglected, abused, and killed

We are the victorious ones…brave… standing strong

We are the ones who without hate never walk alone

We are the ones who in all honesty speak truth, seeing you as you are

We are the ones whose eyes reflect the image of the Brighter Morning Star

We are the ones whose home is Light as we die from your bullets and bombs

We are the only ones who are not judged, we simply go back to where we came from

From the cradle to the grave

We are

To see the world through the eyes of a child

To see the world through the eyes of a child (Photo credit: abigailala)

Poem #16 – April

This is poem #16, but as the actual date of this post is April 24, 2013 it is obvious that I am playing catch up. I have been sidetracked by my daughter’s TCAP testing (virtual school) in having to leave home for the week of April 22-25. The previous week was also full of to-dos that I could not avoid which pushed me into writer’s block. I seriously could not think of ANYTHING to write despite the fact that I was truly enjoying the NaPoWriMo challenge.

I am so far behind on my poems that it seems that I will not make it to the end of the month, but I am determined, because this week is also the week of my 20th anniversary. My husband nor I ever remember the exact day that we got married due to my once uncontrollable temper which caused me to angrily break the frame that encased our original marriage license minutes before ripping the license to shreds. We did later get a copy, but after all these years, who knows where that is? So each year during the last  week of April, we just tell each  other ‘Happy Anniversary’ – neither of us realizing  or caring when the proper day has passed.

All I know is that 20 years have passed and it doesn’t feel like it so we must have done something right along the tedious road that we have traveled together…we also do not wear wedding rings because back then we were too poor to buy them and I just happen to be allergic to metal so in the beginning, all that mattered to me was the paper but that obviously didn’t last very long. I am writing this poem in honor of mine and my husband’s good and bad times…still kicking through it all!

There is no face like his

No smile can compare

To that of his

We are a pair

His strength overwhelms me

So does his gentleness

In my time of weakness

I can rest

We laugh at nothing

Also everything

It warms my heart

To hear him sing

His voice can be soft

And smooth as silk

sensuously tearing down

My contrary will

I can anger him

with my attitude

Even when I know I’m wrong

He refuses to be rude

Until he chooses to be

The tables turn

He can hurt my feelings

Blood boils, my heart burns

But as each day arrives

He never ceases to prove

That away from me

He will never move

This makes me proud

But sometimes not

During those episodes

When tempers run hot

Love and hate at once

I cannot fathom

Until I am overcome

By his never-ending passion

We look strange to others

Because we never hide

Unable to conceal

Love, anger, patience, pride

We care not

When others cannot see

That twenty years is well enough

To know where you want to be


Poem #15 – The Believer

Though without help

You will make it through

Though they all left

You can still make due

The day was dark

The night was long

Never dwell on

How you were done wrong

It happens

To us all

Just get back up

When you fall

You may not see Him

But yes, He is there

Deep in your heart

You know He cares

Without help

Description unavailable

Description unavailable (Photo credit: shoehorn99)

From your friends

He is still there

Even when time ends

There is no other

Who will be

As close

As He

Even when bereaved

He comforts you

If only

You will believe

So is your soul

Which is your mind

Not physical

But divine

So is He

Who walks with you

To remind you

Of what to do

We are not holy now

But in time, we will

For now

Be healed

Take wisdom

It is of great worth

As you walk today

On Earth

Without love

From man

It means nothing

He is love, and He can

Stay the course

Follow your path

Designed just for you

In the aftermath

When it seems

That you are without help

He will provide for you


Try not to worry

Even when you are afraid

It defines the way

That He has made

Just for you

When without help

He is with you

At every step

When without help



Poem #14 -Miss Fancy

Here comes Miss Fancy

That’s what she likes to call herself

She wears designer clothes sometimes

On the days that she can afford it

But she faithfully keeps her appointments

At the beauty parlor

Miss Fancy also makes sure

That her nails are done

And that nothing is out-of-place

In her house

There’s nothing wrong with that

But the thing about Miss Fancy

Is that she wants everybody else

To call her Miss Fancy

When we all know

That Miss Fancy

Is not that fancy at all

She came from the wrong side of town

There’s nothing wrong with that

But Miss Fancy was able to make a big move

She now lives in the burbs

Only her neighbors are allowed to visit her house

Where she hosts brunches and social gatherings

She no longer speaks to her friends and most of her family

They were there for her long ago

She said that they are now beneath her

There’s something wrong with that

Miss Fancy is quite  uppity

So is her husband

On the days that he can afford it

He makes sure that Miss Fancy doesn’t miss a day

Of work

She likes it that way

There’s nothing wrong with that

On her off days

Miss Fancy still

Sends her kids to the babysitter

On the days that she can afford it

Her kids are lonely

But she doesn’t even notice

There is something wrong with that

She must entertain her guests

Miss Fancy lost her job one day

She can’t afford the designer clothes


But she still tries

Because her husband works too

But Miss Fancy is still

Looking for work

The kids are still lonely

Although they no longer

Go to the babysitter

She taught them

That other kids are beneath them

Especially family

There’s something wrong with that

Why can’t she just be herself

She is still loved

She doesn’t have to be fancy

For us

Her kids don’t have to be lonely

With us

But Miss Fancy still says

That we are beneath her

And what is wrong with that










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