Poem #19 – Invisible

They wear their smiles

to hide genuine dislike

For the lot of them

The normal people

The ones who smile because  they are happy

They flaunt their riches

to cover true disgust

For the lot of them – the regulars

The ones who can’t afford to be rich, but are thankful

They use their power

to disguise their bigotry

For the lot of them – the hopefuls

The ones who have no clout but don’t really care because someone loves them

The lot of them

Who are they

Where do they live

How do they keep up

What will become of them

Their names are



















That is who they are, where they live, and how they keep up

The normals

The regulars

The hopefuls

The lot of them

They give themselves no labels or status

They check themselves

They love themselves

They give and receive

They believe in

And trust themselves

Even when they don’t

It matters not to

The lot of them…

Will survive


Poem #16 – April

This is poem #16, but as the actual date of this post is April 24, 2013 it is obvious that I am playing catch up. I have been sidetracked by my daughter’s TCAP testing (virtual school) in having to leave home for the week of April 22-25. The previous week was also full of to-dos that I could not avoid which pushed me into writer’s block. I seriously could not think of ANYTHING to write despite the fact that I was truly enjoying the NaPoWriMo challenge.

I am so far behind on my poems that it seems that I will not make it to the end of the month, but I am determined, because this week is also the week of my 20th anniversary. My husband nor I ever remember the exact day that we got married due to my once uncontrollable temper which caused me to angrily break the frame that encased our original marriage license minutes before ripping the license to shreds. We did later get a copy, but after all these years, who knows where that is? So each year during the last  week of April, we just tell each  other ‘Happy Anniversary’ – neither of us realizing  or caring when the proper day has passed.

All I know is that 20 years have passed and it doesn’t feel like it so we must have done something right along the tedious road that we have traveled together…we also do not wear wedding rings because back then we were too poor to buy them and I just happen to be allergic to metal so in the beginning, all that mattered to me was the paper but that obviously didn’t last very long. I am writing this poem in honor of mine and my husband’s good and bad times…still kicking through it all!

There is no face like his

No smile can compare

To that of his

We are a pair

His strength overwhelms me

So does his gentleness

In my time of weakness

I can rest

We laugh at nothing

Also everything

It warms my heart

To hear him sing

His voice can be soft

And smooth as silk

sensuously tearing down

My contrary will

I can anger him

with my attitude

Even when I know I’m wrong

He refuses to be rude

Until he chooses to be

The tables turn

He can hurt my feelings

Blood boils, my heart burns

But as each day arrives

He never ceases to prove

That away from me

He will never move

This makes me proud

But sometimes not

During those episodes

When tempers run hot

Love and hate at once

I cannot fathom

Until I am overcome

By his never-ending passion

We look strange to others

Because we never hide

Unable to conceal

Love, anger, patience, pride

We care not

When others cannot see

That twenty years is well enough

To know where you want to be


Poem #15 – The Believer

Though without help

You will make it through

Though they all left

You can still make due

The day was dark

The night was long

Never dwell on

How you were done wrong

It happens

To us all

Just get back up

When you fall

You may not see Him

But yes, He is there

Deep in your heart

You know He cares

Without help

Description unavailable

Description unavailable (Photo credit: shoehorn99)

From your friends

He is still there

Even when time ends

There is no other

Who will be

As close

As He

Even when bereaved

He comforts you

If only

You will believe

So is your soul

Which is your mind

Not physical

But divine

So is He

Who walks with you

To remind you

Of what to do

We are not holy now

But in time, we will

For now

Be healed

Take wisdom

It is of great worth

As you walk today

On Earth

Without love

From man

It means nothing

He is love, and He can

Stay the course

Follow your path

Designed just for you

In the aftermath

When it seems

That you are without help

He will provide for you


Try not to worry

Even when you are afraid

It defines the way

That He has made

Just for you

When without help

He is with you

At every step

When without help



The Clock and the Conscience – Poem #11

Difícil Decisión / Hard Decision

Difícil Decisión / Hard Decision (Photo credit: juanignaciosl ~ notedetengas.es)

There is not much time left

To do what you think is best

There is not much time left

To buy, sell, or invest

Time will wait  for none

Action must be taken now

There is not much time left

For all living under the sun

There is not much time left

To walk without light

Accepting all that is dark

Knowing that it is not right

Action must be taken now

It is one’s own personal choice

To take action now

Heeding that inner voice

There is not much time left

To let time simply go by

Action must be taken now

Don’t pretend to not know why

Time waits for none

Why so long the wait

There is not much time left

Don’t give in to common bait

Saying tomorrow is another day

Action must be taken now

Time changes but never waits

For your mind to accept the way

There is not much time left

Action must be taken now

Time waits for none

Use this time to get it done


Poem #9 – I Cast my Cares

Into the depths of  the sea

Of forgetfulness goes my sin

Accompanied by dreams


English: Barnegat Lighthouse in Barnegat Light...

English: Barnegat Lighthouse in Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopes and imaginings

Along the shore I stand

The lighthouse beams

From afar

I am  found not guilty

Yet withdrawn

Aloof from all normalcy

Not truly embraced

By its essence

Which does not exist

As the breeze lightly blows

My mind is at ease


Certainty precedes my sanity

I stand on the rock

Which is my faith

It exists for a certainty

Along the shore I stand

The lighthouse beams

From afar

I am found by the light

Not guilty and embraced

By my sanity

Which is normal

In its essence

According to my faith

Aloofness is withdrawn

From my mind

As it now joins my sin

In the depths of the sea

Of forgetfulness

Where rolling waves

Return unto me

Dreams, hopes and imaginings

Unaccompanied by my sin


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