“The Door” Part I – A Tribute to Mom and Dad

Suddenly – 

 I am embraced by an everlasting light; darkness does not exist, all is right.

Upon my arrival, I came to a door; with a sign that read Paradise! Pain, Trouble, and Death – No More!

Great beams of light shone with each step tread; I heard His voice say, “Welcome to the land of the living – not the dead!”

He engulfed me with His love unconditionally; as I went in I thought, “At long last I am whole, I am free!”

I looked around to see all of my loved ones;

 with heavenly greetings saying, “We are his daughters and His sons!”

Instant…constant…one to the other beamed happiness and gladness; from those beams came His voice saying,”No sickness, no sadness!”

With profound relief; anticipating what was in store,

I took the hands of my mother and father; light beaming en route to the next door…


Poem #28 – Memphis 1978

I’m not crazy, true story!


Bright saucer zooms down one night in July

I didn’t know whether to run or just cry

All our neighbors at once stood in awe

Of what we witnessed, not believing – but surely saw

We were  informed when Dad burst in from work

Urging us to see what he saw first

As if the thing followed on his way home

I can only wonder how he felt being alone

We saw it come straight down from the sky…stopping to hover in mid-air

But as quick as lightening, it was no longer there

Looking left, we heard it humming right over our cove

Big, bright, menacing, and frighteningly bold

With a noise, it changed from disk to four smaller orbs

Red, yellow, blue, green, unanimously alternating and more

No one on the cove said a word as if in a trance like state

In the blink of an eye, another change… the four glowing balls were now eight

Unable to describe unprecedented sounds that these blinking orbs made

Changing colors and formations intermittently, they put on quite a display

Some of us began to chatter and point at the situation at hand

Just before the eight orbs in a second became the disk again

Hovering once more  for a bit,  and beaming in all of its might

It’s flash could be seen and heard, vertically zooming  up into the night

That very night on the news, the reporter had the nerve to put out

A statement saying that it was just a weather balloon, and there was nothing to worry about

School the next day was a blast, we all gave our own personal views

On what we had seen the night before, while laughing at the guy on the news

I shall never forget that night…that scene is forever etched in my mind

The scenario was a tad bit much…I was only eight years old at the time

I have heard many stories like mine…some with even more to say

Could I too have been abducted…explaining my unusual ways?















Poem #26 – Watercolors

I didn’t really follow the ‘color’ writing prompt for day 28 as this is my #26 poem, although the prompt did help to give me an idea of something to quickly put together. I have 3 more to go so I don’t see this as anything too special. Just a poem…the colors are mere adjectives. Here goes.


The rhythmic tap of my steps along the brown cobble stones

Is soon smothered by gray showers in a rage, pouring…

As transparent winds distort and dishevel

My scarf, now moved about my face, thunder is roaring

Wet dark golden highlighted hair out-of-place, despite being cut short

I attempt to accelerate my pace

To no avail – I am stopped in my tracks

Shocked by silver lightening’s flash just beyond the gate

I am frozen by the sound and sight as it cracks

As if humbly bowing, yellow buttercups bend

Under the force of hard rains

Nearly floating out of allotted spaces, around them puddles spin

Purple skies looming above, tan pumps below wearing mud stains

At last, my destination is reached as the atmosphere turns black

While turning my silver key to the left

I am greeted by mahogany stained walls, gleaming with shellac

Safely inside from the storm, in a home that is well-kept

A lavender salts bath warms my bones as I soak

Doing away with sheer chills

My favorite pea green blanket lies in wait, around my shoulders to cloak

The sky of my dreams shall be azure with great puffs of white, red birds, and endless green hills











Poem #25 – Transformer

Soothing nature      -     Gueret, France, 2013

Soothing nature – Gueret, France, 2013 (Photo credit: romainverneuil.com)


The trends that beset us are only for a time


Slowly, gradually, growing


So widely that it is uncontrolled


After a time…where is the knowing


That once beheld us safely


Teaching, grasping, staid


The days are now moving hastily


Seemingly without a care


For what has ultimately been made


Straying, aloof, not there


Long is the summer full of rampage


Violent, hot, lascivious


Artificial air is my cage


Soothing, wanted, superfluous


A calming peace drives in through the night


Softly, straight, throughout


White becomes black and black becomes white


The addiction inevitably brings on the drought


Riches are worthless in an impoverished land


Selfishly, possessive, ungracious


Where none make the exchange from one to the other hand


Aiding, abetting, abolishing


The days are upon us


For the trends that beset us


To be malnourished, negated, done







Poem #23

Energy profoundly

lost into the abyss, please

Rest me


Poem #22

His muscles ripple when he walks


He is built from head to toe


Please don’t mess with him the wrong way


You do not want to be his foe


He takes no crap at all


He knows what his presence is for


Hey, I wouldn’t run up on him like that


He’ll chase you right through the door


He loves to sunbathe for hours


Under a summer’s noon day sun


He is always game for a good workout


Especially if he can have fun


He’s quite the protective guard


But not jealous in any way


It’s just an issue of territory


Strangers are wise to stay away


Though a muscle-head, he’s no dummy


In fact, he’s pretty darned smart


Definitely not lacking in manners


With a naturally good as gold heart


More loyal than any best friend


Never fearing any creepy night sounds


Though faced with a really bad rep


I’m glad to have my pit bull around


Pit bull, Dog Day Afternoon Los Angeles

Pit bull, Dog Day Afternoon Los Angeles (Photo credit: LA Wad)



Poem #21

Oh my, how loud they are!


Yelling, screaming – the loudest by far!


From one room to the next, I cannot escape;


The loudness, the noise, how much more can I take!


Suddenly, there is silence now;


I don’t care why, certainly not how.


Hopefully this will last for a while;


I can sit back now…relaxed, with a smile.


Well, there it is again – didn’t last very long;


For them to be so small, their lungs are quite strong.


I guess I shouldn’t complain – today is a good day;


To listen to your kids happily engaged at play!


Simpsons Comics - Dollars to Donuts ...In real...

Simpsons Comics – Dollars to Donuts …In real life, not everyone is a winner — “dumbing down” expectations by honoring everyone equally (June 8, 2012 / 18 Sivan 5772) … (Photo credit: marsmet545)






Poem #20 – Permanence

Dare I say that we are together and doing well

When the night before was unmitigated hell

How can this be now

I reached my boiling point then, but my head still aches

Yet, I am awakened by the feel of scratchy stubble on my face

In the softness of fury, forth and back we go

Constantly, unknowingly, aware, alert… to and fro

Night and day hate each other

I am entrapped by your arms’ embrace

Your lips find mine, we both steal a taste

Yes and no are best friends

Mingled, mangled, and drowning… optionally yours

Destructive storms make still waters behind closed doors

Your comfort kills my piece of mind

Insults and praise twist themselves and are intertwined

We speak the same language

Fire chars and burns your soul

The fire that heats my voice before traveling through the black hole

Wrath resides where pure bliss lives

You take, I take, we both give

We are selfish

Angry white steam evaporates up into the night air

With your gesture as hateful hands smooth back my hair

Stay away from me, but don’t leave

Disaster, peace, in oblivious glee we conceive

Our spirits are razed and raised

Rhythmically, tranquil raindrops fall…they are tears

Unmitigated hell is flooded out…washed away are all fears

We are transformed

Our desperate lifeline has become a promise etched in stone

The promise lives, dies, and is regrown

Poem #19 – Invisible

They wear their smiles

to hide genuine dislike

For the lot of them

The normal people

The ones who smile because  they are happy

They flaunt their riches

to cover true disgust

For the lot of them – the regulars

The ones who can’t afford to be rich, but are thankful

They use their power

to disguise their bigotry

For the lot of them – the hopefuls

The ones who have no clout but don’t really care because someone loves them

The lot of them

Who are they

Where do they live

How do they keep up

What will become of them

Their names are



















That is who they are, where they live, and how they keep up

The normals

The regulars

The hopefuls

The lot of them

They give themselves no labels or status

They check themselves

They love themselves

They give and receive

They believe in

And trust themselves

Even when they don’t

It matters not to

The lot of them…

Will survive


Poem #18 Off With It!

I decided to use writing prompt 18 with the beginning and ending word ‘off”. This poem is also another ‘unlove ‘ poem…here goes!

Off with the noise

Shut the crap

You lie all the time

Take a break…maybe a nap

Where is your integrity

Do you ever tell the truth

Or have you been a liar

From the days of your youth

I ain’t hearin’ it

None of it is real

You couldn’t care less how this hurts

Couldn’t care less how I feel

A one-sided conversation

Is completely void and null

You can make your mouth say anything

I guess to keep from being dull

If this is the case then it worked

No, never a dull moment with you

Making shit up as you go along

Knowing damn well it ain’t true

If lying paid, you would be rich

And you wouldn’t have to pretend

To be something that you are not

Fake talk, fake life, fake friend

Where do you get this stuff from anyway

That no one would buy or try to sell

Karma would be you spending your days

As a grotesque beast from Hell

But that probably wouldn’t bother you

You’re pretty darn close to that today

It’s not your looks but your words,

Your actions and deceitful ways

I’m talkin’ to you like this out of love

In hopes that you will one day stop

But don’t take my kindness for stupid

I ain’t eatin’ your shit-filled crock

Life could be so simple if you would let it

No matter where you live – mansion, hut, or loft

Be real with me, or shut up and ship out

This ends our little tete-a-tete…good thing I wasn’t pissed off 🙂



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