Poem #14 -Miss Fancy

Here comes Miss Fancy

That’s what she likes to call herself

She wears designer clothes sometimes

On the days that she can afford it

But she faithfully keeps her appointments

At the beauty parlor

Miss Fancy also makes sure

That her nails are done

And that nothing is out-of-place

In her house

There’s nothing wrong with that

But the thing about Miss Fancy

Is that she wants everybody else

To call her Miss Fancy

When we all know

That Miss Fancy

Is not that fancy at all

She came from the wrong side of town

There’s nothing wrong with that

But Miss Fancy was able to make a big move

She now lives in the burbs

Only her neighbors are allowed to visit her house

Where she hosts brunches and social gatherings

She no longer speaks to her friends and most of her family

They were there for her long ago

She said that they are now beneath her

There’s something wrong with that

Miss Fancy is quite  uppity

So is her husband

On the days that he can afford it

He makes sure that Miss Fancy doesn’t miss a day

Of work

She likes it that way

There’s nothing wrong with that

On her off days

Miss Fancy still

Sends her kids to the babysitter

On the days that she can afford it

Her kids are lonely

But she doesn’t even notice

There is something wrong with that

She must entertain her guests

Miss Fancy lost her job one day

She can’t afford the designer clothes


But she still tries

Because her husband works too

But Miss Fancy is still

Looking for work

The kids are still lonely

Although they no longer

Go to the babysitter

She taught them

That other kids are beneath them

Especially family

There’s something wrong with that

Why can’t she just be herself

She is still loved

She doesn’t have to be fancy

For us

Her kids don’t have to be lonely

With us

But Miss Fancy still says

That we are beneath her

And what is wrong with that










Poem #8 – My Moment


Be it  jump rope or hop – scotch,


Kick ball, or tag


Hide – and – seek also works


To make my heart glad




Though not always easy


Not always a piece of cake


They are still the substance


Of the moments that I take




When everything else is amiss


Or when I’m feeling down


All I need right then


Is for them to reverse my frown




They never cease to be lively


They even talk in their sleep


There’s never a boring day or night


These are my moments to keep




I’ll nurse every scratch and scrape


I’ll calm them from their bad dreams


I cherish every hour of lost sleep


When my moments are extreme




Each day they watch me and learn


As I teach them to travel the right road


They won’t be babies forever


So these moments I must hold




From the first kick to first tooth


From the first word to first step


The list goes on and on


Of the moments that I have kept




Even when they are grown


Girl finds a husband, boys find a wife


They will create moments of their own


Until then, my moments are my life





















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