Poem #12 – The Dreamer

At last! Daylight comes again

I can see clearly

through the eyes of someone

that I used to know but

somehow that someone

disappears into the night

Every night

That someone is lost to me

over and over again

with every nightfall

I lose


In dreams not meant for the faint at heart

Where control is an impossibility

Where the truth does not reside

Where good and evil become one

Where life and death intertwine


I lose


And suddenly!

At last!

Daylight comes again…






Poem #10 – Real Time

I found the prompt for day #10 of the NaPoWriMo challenge very interesting. Writing an ‘un-love’ poem can go in several different directions of style. While I am not quite sure about whether to keep it sarcastic, deep, or humorous, I feel that the poem can actually contain a bit of it all at the same time. I guess it all depends on the writer’s opinion of the term ‘un-love’.

The following poem of ‘un-love’ will show the typical argument between man and wife and how their views of one another can be completely distorted while angry. Having been married (happily for the most part) for twenty years, while also having a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor,  this prompt should be quite motivating for me so much that I just may write more than one ‘un-love’ poem. For this particular one all I had to do was think back to the days when we were newlyweds…somehow we survived. Anyway, hope you like it!

Happy Anniversary Curtis!

Real Time

Day one of wedded bliss

Wedding night sealed with a kiss

Soon after the honeymoon

Arrive the real bride and groom

Over the thresh hold she goes

Into a caged world of angry woes

Fresh flowers fill her vase

She would love to slap his face

Who was he that was before

The one who was so easy to adore

Home from work he walks in

Still wearing that dumb freaking grin

As if he actually never said what he said

Last night just before bed

Was it really nothing or will she inquire

Will she cause the situation to be more dire

Of course she will ask

How he could have possibly been such an ass

Little did she know that his reply

Would bring bloodshot red to her eyes

The argument escalates and is loud

Both of them too stubborn and proud

Soon after he walks back out

Leaving her to mumble, cuss, and pout

The blood in her veins finally cools down

Later on he comes back around

They cordially decide to call it a night

At least until again it is time to fight.








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