“The Door” Part I – A Tribute to Mom and Dad

Suddenly – 

 I am embraced by an everlasting light; darkness does not exist, all is right.

Upon my arrival, I came to a door; with a sign that read Paradise! Pain, Trouble, and Death – No More!

Great beams of light shone with each step tread; I heard His voice say, “Welcome to the land of the living – not the dead!”

He engulfed me with His love unconditionally; as I went in I thought, “At long last I am whole, I am free!”

I looked around to see all of my loved ones;

 with heavenly greetings saying, “We are his daughters and His sons!”

Instant…constant…one to the other beamed happiness and gladness; from those beams came His voice saying,”No sickness, no sadness!”

With profound relief; anticipating what was in store,

I took the hands of my mother and father; light beaming en route to the next door…


Poem #17 – “We Are!” (A tribute to them all)

We are the ones who make your life complete

We are the ones that you can’t wait to meet

We are brand new yet very old

We are the ones who are most bold

We are the ones who have undeniable strength

We are the ones for whom you shall repent

We have our own minds…our thoughts are pure

We are the ones who most endure

We suffer pain from the hands of one yet many

We have yet to retaliate against any

We are the ones who stay the course

We display silent resilience behind trauma and force

We suffer sickness, but are not afraid to die

We are the ones who know Him best – but you don’t understand why

We hold you blameless when you fail to give

We accept our conditions, and thrive on divine will

We live, learn, and are without sin

We are your prized possession…some of us your kin

We abide and behave cordially when you offer us no choice

We are far better that you think, we can see Him and hear His voice

We are the ones who in times of trouble stand still

We are the ones who are neglected, abused, and killed

We are the victorious ones…brave… standing strong

We are the ones who without hate never walk alone

We are the ones who in all honesty speak truth, seeing you as you are

We are the ones whose eyes reflect the image of the Brighter Morning Star

We are the ones whose home is Light as we die from your bullets and bombs

We are the only ones who are not judged, we simply go back to where we came from

From the cradle to the grave

We are

To see the world through the eyes of a child

To see the world through the eyes of a child (Photo credit: abigailala)

Poem #7 – Moving

English: Lubnaclach in splendid isolation. It ...

English: Lubnaclach in splendid isolation. It prompted me to think of the poem, “Ozymandias”, where Shelley says, “Round the decay / Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare / The lone and level sands stretch far away” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Days in a daze

Life is a maze

Treading on grass blades

Direction unknown

Layer after layer falls

Bare is the heart that calls

Life stalls

Status alone

An outlook demure

A mind unsure

Faith is the cure

Live on


Poem #3 – The Starving Artist

What if your pen and pad were all you had

No money, no home;  just you and your thoughts alone

While sitting on a stool in an empty room; would you concentrate on your impending doom

As angry groans from your belly reveal; that you know not from whence will come your next meal

Would you beg, borrow, and steal; or would you write about it in order to heal

What if your voice was your only choice

No family or friends to consider your pain; as you stand outside alone in the rain

Wondering if anyone will have the guts to care; as they continue walking past, only stopping to stare

Helplessly you shiver, overcome with your fears; as drops from the sky mix in with your tears

Would you allow suffering silence to shield you from all that is wrong; or would you defiantly sing out as a way to fight back and be strong

What if  your only means of sight; came from touching and hearing – not from light

No blue, green, yellow, blue, or pink; only notes and rhythm in sync

 Enshrouded by pitch blackness, unable to escape; moving forward in time, counting each step that you take

Birds become melodies, strong winds harmonize; every sound that is near makes you realize

The use of your hands on wood and strings; brings you out of the darkness, uncovering all things

What if we all were willing to share; our gifts with everyone – here and there

No homelessness, no loneliness, no darkness for the blind

Pens, pads, voices, notes and rhythm, all working together in time

What would this world be like if these were all we were required to give

Would you keep it all for yourself, or provide for others to live

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