The Tempest

The mind knoweth not

Where the heart doth go

As a lovesick breeze of eagerness

Carries it to and fro


Having no knowledge of where or why

That former blissful wind came

The mind is not at fault

Only life is to blame


For this tumultuous storm rising

Leaving sheer destruction in its path

And a desperate longing for peace

To replace that which razed from wrath


Whilst shards of glass crumble

Under thy very feet

Thou too dost tread

Upon reconstructable debris


Forgiveness is an everlasting mortar

Well mending fragments of a broken heart

The mind now knoweth whence it came

And surely now, where to start



Poem #20 – Permanence

Dare I say that we are together and doing well

When the night before was unmitigated hell

How can this be now

I reached my boiling point then, but my head still aches

Yet, I am awakened by the feel of scratchy stubble on my face

In the softness of fury, forth and back we go

Constantly, unknowingly, aware, alert… to and fro

Night and day hate each other

I am entrapped by your arms’ embrace

Your lips find mine, we both steal a taste

Yes and no are best friends

Mingled, mangled, and drowning… optionally yours

Destructive storms make still waters behind closed doors

Your comfort kills my piece of mind

Insults and praise twist themselves and are intertwined

We speak the same language

Fire chars and burns your soul

The fire that heats my voice before traveling through the black hole

Wrath resides where pure bliss lives

You take, I take, we both give

We are selfish

Angry white steam evaporates up into the night air

With your gesture as hateful hands smooth back my hair

Stay away from me, but don’t leave

Disaster, peace, in oblivious glee we conceive

Our spirits are razed and raised

Rhythmically, tranquil raindrops fall…they are tears

Unmitigated hell is flooded out…washed away are all fears

We are transformed

Our desperate lifeline has become a promise etched in stone

The promise lives, dies, and is regrown

Poem #9 – I Cast my Cares

Into the depths of  the sea

Of forgetfulness goes my sin

Accompanied by dreams


English: Barnegat Lighthouse in Barnegat Light...

English: Barnegat Lighthouse in Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopes and imaginings

Along the shore I stand

The lighthouse beams

From afar

I am  found not guilty

Yet withdrawn

Aloof from all normalcy

Not truly embraced

By its essence

Which does not exist

As the breeze lightly blows

My mind is at ease


Certainty precedes my sanity

I stand on the rock

Which is my faith

It exists for a certainty

Along the shore I stand

The lighthouse beams

From afar

I am found by the light

Not guilty and embraced

By my sanity

Which is normal

In its essence

According to my faith

Aloofness is withdrawn

From my mind

As it now joins my sin

In the depths of the sea

Of forgetfulness

Where rolling waves

Return unto me

Dreams, hopes and imaginings

Unaccompanied by my sin


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