Poem #25 – Transformer

Soothing nature      -     Gueret, France, 2013

Soothing nature – Gueret, France, 2013 (Photo credit: romainverneuil.com)


The trends that beset us are only for a time


Slowly, gradually, growing


So widely that it is uncontrolled


After a time…where is the knowing


That once beheld us safely


Teaching, grasping, staid


The days are now moving hastily


Seemingly without a care


For what has ultimately been made


Straying, aloof, not there


Long is the summer full of rampage


Violent, hot, lascivious


Artificial air is my cage


Soothing, wanted, superfluous


A calming peace drives in through the night


Softly, straight, throughout


White becomes black and black becomes white


The addiction inevitably brings on the drought


Riches are worthless in an impoverished land


Selfishly, possessive, ungracious


Where none make the exchange from one to the other hand


Aiding, abetting, abolishing


The days are upon us


For the trends that beset us


To be malnourished, negated, done







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