Poem #12 – The Dreamer

At last! Daylight comes again

I can see clearly

through the eyes of someone

that I used to know but

somehow that someone

disappears into the night

Every night

That someone is lost to me

over and over again

with every nightfall

I lose


In dreams not meant for the faint at heart

Where control is an impossibility

Where the truth does not reside

Where good and evil become one

Where life and death intertwine


I lose


And suddenly!

At last!

Daylight comes again…






Poem #9 – I Cast my Cares

Into the depths of  the sea

Of forgetfulness goes my sin

Accompanied by dreams


English: Barnegat Lighthouse in Barnegat Light...

English: Barnegat Lighthouse in Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopes and imaginings

Along the shore I stand

The lighthouse beams

From afar

I am  found not guilty

Yet withdrawn

Aloof from all normalcy

Not truly embraced

By its essence

Which does not exist

As the breeze lightly blows

My mind is at ease


Certainty precedes my sanity

I stand on the rock

Which is my faith

It exists for a certainty

Along the shore I stand

The lighthouse beams

From afar

I am found by the light

Not guilty and embraced

By my sanity

Which is normal

In its essence

According to my faith

Aloofness is withdrawn

From my mind

As it now joins my sin

In the depths of the sea

Of forgetfulness

Where rolling waves

Return unto me

Dreams, hopes and imaginings

Unaccompanied by my sin


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