“The Door” Part II


It wasn’t very long before we arrived when He said, “Come on in!”

As we entered Mom and Dad told me, “You don’t have to worry here, there is no sin.”

They sang a song with lyrics saying, ‘all is good, all is well;  we are believers, our souls are safe –

we did not fail!’

I had never heard music for a song such as this; 

giving the message that from here to there is only separated by an abyss.

Pleasantly, the song went on while colorful flowers swayed and hummed;

until a glowing angel flew by playing on a harp that strummed,

“This is where you leave everything that you ever feared!” 

I immediately found this to be true when it all disappeared! I was so gratefully amazed, but not by that only;

another angel came fast,  his wings whispering softly, “You’ll never again be lonely.”

The fourth door opened, and the Lord’s table was set;

I was the guest of honor, and all of my needs were met.

Satiated from life’s fruit, I am fulfilled;

a fifth door swings opened to unending multitudes declaring to be healed.

Totally unaware of how much time had passed

I didn’t even care how long this trip would last, but Mom turned to me and said with a smile,

“Time is no longer an issue, though this time is only for a while.”

I can’t say that I was upset, I just wanted to stay;

Dad informed me that I was free to do so, but today was not the day.

They led me to one last door, the one through which I left

Not needing to say goodbye ever again,


I was back to myself…R.I.P. Mommy and Daddy in Paradise!


“The Door” Part I – A Tribute to Mom and Dad

Suddenly – 

 I am embraced by an everlasting light; darkness does not exist, all is right.

Upon my arrival, I came to a door; with a sign that read Paradise! Pain, Trouble, and Death – No More!

Great beams of light shone with each step tread; I heard His voice say, “Welcome to the land of the living – not the dead!”

He engulfed me with His love unconditionally; as I went in I thought, “At long last I am whole, I am free!”

I looked around to see all of my loved ones;

 with heavenly greetings saying, “We are his daughters and His sons!”

Instant…constant…one to the other beamed happiness and gladness; from those beams came His voice saying,”No sickness, no sadness!”

With profound relief; anticipating what was in store,

I took the hands of my mother and father; light beaming en route to the next door…


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