Change of the Abyss


Long time no read, but hi!! 

I am glad to say that I have enjoyed an actual vacation with my family this summer with a trip to a family reunion in St. Louis, MO and yes – we had an unmitigated ball! Although the trip entailed a lot of planning and work throughout, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and am back to the drawing board, and back to workin’ it!

It is now Saturday afternoon on July 12, 2014, and I have some words to share today, Yay! I associate this poem with how my writing consistency (sometimes lack thereof) plays out on a regular basis – emphasizing on some time before and immediately after the vacation trip. However, this piece can represent any walk of life for anyone.

I hope you all enjoy!

“Change of the Abyss”

Smile, and the world smiles with you – that’s what they say;

But what about when nothing goes as planned – what about that day?

When apprehension shows up in every place where courage should reside;

What direction leads to home? At what residence is pride?


When at sea, a simple smile is not quite enough – or so it looks;

Breaking chains, leaping bounds, and evading pirating crooks;

This journey can sometimes prove to be an abyss of sheer overwhelm;

While still in search of contentment – my main goal is location of the helm.


Each sailed mile of my life lacks reception of understanding – being clear;

Much like a deep sea urchin, there is no there – nor here,

Very small, long, patient, yet hurried moves towards the initial goal;

When suddenly, my ship sinks into an unending eddy of unfold.


Which way is the way back to the top – afloat?

In which direction should the helm turn to avoid the urchin’s sand-bottomed gloat?

He is so slow, so simple, so content;

He moves – he moves not – he patiently waits – for what is meant.


Until, at last – the time comes to devour;

All in his path – until nothing is left to scour;

Now satiated, and on his way back to the cubbyhole;

Where silent, satisfied stories of fulfillment are proudly told.


Does the urchin smile, or does he breathe a sigh of relief;

From not being caught in the net of regret…grief?

Like a miracle, that once hard to control helm, shall I surely steer;

To and fro from there, ’til at long last – here.


Now, at land ho, I can clearly see;

How a simple smile can make the world smile with me.

For, in spite of apprehension, fear, and  confusion – peace unfolds;

Into the urchin’s revealed story of silent victory, which by mankind – is forever told.






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  1. Christy Birmingham
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 02:39:26

    It was nice to come across your poem earlier today when I was on Facebook, and I really enjoyed our conversation too xo
    PS Excited for your upcoming book!


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