I have a funeral to go to today. One of my mom’s sisters passed away and she only had one child (adult). I wrote two poems – for the daughter and one for the husband. The second poem (for husband) will be in the next post.



How marvelous it truly is, but I don’t yet understand why

How one can simultaneously live when they have naturally died

I find it especially uncanny that another life still goes on

When the other one has ceased and there’s no more right or wrong

After having rode the cycle of life traveling in and out of forever

One continually comes and goes regardless of the weather

As I reminisce on past times of how my life began and grew

Being the only one chosen to be given life directly through you

These thoughts are but a glimpse now, but oh how I yearn

To grasp the whole concept of how one table can turn

In me caring for you just as you did for me

My one lone question is how can this possibly be

How can one day be life and yet the next one death

One soul is set free while the other one is left

Alone to be bathed in darkness until with mercy the sun shines again

Shedding light on a lasting truth that you are my one best friend

Though you are not here to say so, I’m sure that you agree

That where you are right now is where one should aspire to be

Knowing this fills me with hope, surely it will sustain me until

I too have ridden that cycle and one Lord does His very will

But for now though my heart is heavy and my eyes are filled with tears

I shall cherish one love provided for me which lasted for many a year

I can say now that I understand how a life still moves when it is done

It is all because of Grace given to us all freely by One.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ckisler
    Jul 20, 2013 @ 23:03:58

    Read the second poem first…I think I understand better now. Love them both. Praying for you as I know writing these wrung you dry…Blessings on your family.


  2. Kim
    Jul 20, 2013 @ 23:06:59

    These are words that I could have said about my mother. I hope that you will share it with her daughter. Many sympathies to you and your family.


  3. dragonscaleclippings
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 18:01:37

    I really like the way you weave in and out of your thoughts as you ponder this mystery, this way of life/death that just doesn’t make sense at times…


  4. Charlene Woodley
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 00:42:30

    It is truly a mystery Freya, thank you for your comment.


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