What the Race Revealed

The sun shone brightly on the heart of a lonely one yesterday

A fresh and new outlook brought yearnings for an enduring full life’s stay

Without traveling back to the pain of a past not long ago

Encircled by the demon of No’s induced thoughts tossing the soul to and fro

But at this time my private wind now chooses its own content and patient path

Straying away from downtrodden confusion, negative influence, and ultimate wrath

Peeking through a single cloud’s cover – maintaining my own acceptable pace

Staying the course through thick humidity – so determined to win the race

The finishing line is near, subsequent to the obstacle course

That stands eminently and taunting – yet  helps me to find the source

Of what initially caused me to cave in and suffer an exhausted fail

Purged is an oppressed tribe of strength…stoically refusing to ail

From diseased differentiation, status quo, isolation and offensive pull

That wolf cannot fool me now, for I can identify his wiry wool

Though I run along – alone – my view is now perfectly clear

Until my winds begin to blow stronger…explaining my true purpose here

Which is to be a light…beaming towards another lone  dying heart

Nurturing humanity and love – we all must do our given part

To find ourselves running the shining path together – never again alone

For all our destinations surely lead to the very same  sought out home

Abiding well in understanding, clarity and peace – truth –  not hard to obtain

As long as we live to give –  as opposed to a life of selfish gain

While rain falls, floods rise and brittle hail breaks the soul of the lonely one

Who runs alone – yet with many the path…til at last the race is won!

We all have our flaws, fears, and inhibitions. I truly believe that these three work together to feed the starving artist in us all, and our various manner of expression touches the hearts of those akin to the cause.

Thanks for reading!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. buildingalifeofhope
    Jun 29, 2013 @ 16:01:51

    WOW! Well said. This is one that needs to be read again and again.


  2. Christy Birmingham
    Jun 29, 2013 @ 23:02:02

    I love the comparison of the race to your journey in life! Here’s to reaching the finish line, and continuing even further, as you run with determination x


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