Blog Dare Prompt from April 24, 2013 – But they’re lying!

It didn’t take very long at first sight of this prompt (out-of-order yet again) for my mind to go back and revisit all the different opinions that I have read and personally heard on people’s views on homeschooling of which I am an avid believer. Though I have no problem with traditional education as long as it is done properly and despite the fact that I am a proud traditionally educated person, I have home schooled my children from day one.  While everyone is most certainly entitled to their own opinion, I have found over the years that some people occasionally have a tendency to state their opinions as if they have actually been asked for advice on the subject.

This post will be a slightly sarcastic expression of one who is in a reminiscent frame of mind after having experienced the art of home schooling and is thinking aloud in response to the ‘un-asked-for-but-given-anyway’ opinions from various peers who lacked the ability to respect one’s freedom of choice. Here goes!

But they’re lying!

I really was able to do this and do it well! My children are learning, and they actually look forward to getting up every morning to work on their lessons. Well, for the most part anyway…I guess everybody wants to shoot hooky from time to time – on certain days. But still, they are learning. Who said that I needed a degree to be able to teach my kids to read, write, and master the basics of arithmetic? It surely could not have been our city’s school system where a host of their teachers are hired with mere permits. Do we use textbooks? Of course we do – doesn’t everyone use documentation – to aid in the very attainment of an education?  Oh wow – who knew that kids today need to be familiar to some extent in technology? I wonder if  they were speaking of that keyboard with the little screen where my six-year-old likes to sit while exploring scientific facts and oncology .   If I’m not mistaken, it’s called a  computer and comes in quite handy when learning to spell…by urging the young ones to sound out and type in what they are searching for instead of  waiting for mommy to tell.

Well as it goes for socialization, that’s a lie too. My kids can hold a running conversation with just about anyone, yes –  including you!    The subject of the lack of socialization seems to be the most favorite lie of all, but I’m quite satisfied with the fact that my students know to answer me when it is their names that I call. They also understand that they must wait their turn and only move when it is time, this profound experience occurs quite often in stores, as we wait patiently in line.   Why do people tell these lies? I never said that they would forever be on lock-down…never leaving the house to see the light of day…sometimes we even enjoy a nice walk downtown. Unable to interact with peers – what balderdash! This is pure rot! How can this be possible considering the slew of cousins they’ve got?      Even something as simple as respecting another’s personal space – another well-beloved and deceitful deal, which proves to be totally untrue when a child is taught that  ‘thou shalt not steal’.

The last and best lie of all…the one where my children can’t have this thing that normal kids have – RECESS  – a little exercise and fun during the day. I really was thrown for a loop, but after a bit of observation I noticed that my children regularly engaged themselves in a seemingly natural activity called ‘play’!

Oh, how deprived they must be…living a life of separation and growing up out of sync! This exclamation makes me well aware that some people just start talking…severely lacking the consideration to at first think.   Is the absence of an electronic bell truly this dire? Was it a crime for me to decide that I would be the one to tell them how to react in the unfortunate case of a fire? Are my blackboards, erasers, and chalk simply not good enough? Are my rulers not twelve inches long, or are our test days not quite as rough?

I still haven’t figured out why this subject is so crucial to those who don’t know. Why knock what you don’t understand just because society tells you so? Despite the lies, I will continue with what works, but it’s good to know that I am not alone; there are still some who believe that manners, respect, charity, and learning starts at home.


For all the true teachers out there who are trying to make traditional education a valuable asset to today’s children, I thank you. I was able to have wonderful teachers during my young years and I will never forget their hard work and dedication.

By the same token, many parents choose to home school their children for various reasons and I feel that they deserve to be respected also. At the end of the day it should not matter which method of education a child receives as long as it works and the child benefits from it.

Thanks for reading!


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