Poem #26 – Watercolors

I didn’t really follow the ‘color’ writing prompt for day 28 as this is my #26 poem, although the prompt did help to give me an idea of something to quickly put together. I have 3 more to go so I don’t see this as anything too special. Just a poem…the colors are mere adjectives. Here goes.


The rhythmic tap of my steps along the brown cobble stones

Is soon smothered by gray showers in a rage, pouring…

As transparent winds distort and dishevel

My scarf, now moved about my face, thunder is roaring

Wet dark golden highlighted hair out-of-place, despite being cut short

I attempt to accelerate my pace

To no avail – I am stopped in my tracks

Shocked by silver lightening’s flash just beyond the gate

I am frozen by the sound and sight as it cracks

As if humbly bowing, yellow buttercups bend

Under the force of hard rains

Nearly floating out of allotted spaces, around them puddles spin

Purple skies looming above, tan pumps below wearing mud stains

At last, my destination is reached as the atmosphere turns black

While turning my silver key to the left

I am greeted by mahogany stained walls, gleaming with shellac

Safely inside from the storm, in a home that is well-kept

A lavender salts bath warms my bones as I soak

Doing away with sheer chills

My favorite pea green blanket lies in wait, around my shoulders to cloak

The sky of my dreams shall be azure with great puffs of white, red birds, and endless green hills











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