RAVENSWING BLACK. (For my baby.)

The definition of romance, romantic, and in my Olive Oyl voice – ROMAAANNTIKAALL! Seriously, it rocks…by Stan Rogers

Stan M Rogers

Ravenswing black and lustrous as jet.

I long to touch your hair… inhale its scent

I want to run my fingers over your soft cheek.

Feel that smile I love with gentle fingertips

Kiss your waiting parted soft lips

Taste you.


I need to see past your eyes

Into that gentle immaculate soul.

Embrace your mind and discover it’s secrets

It’s kindness and it’s truth.

And I want you to know mine,

And let us share each other

Forever. As no other


As dawn comes, grey early morning light through a window

I want to waken beside you, touch that hair

Wake you to a day of knowing you are mine

As I am yours always. Kiss you awake with love

With care.With pleasure at your sleepy face

I think you will be at your most beautiful

In dawn’s grey light. In love warm sheets.


And walking…

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