Poem #15 – The Believer

Though without help

You will make it through

Though they all left

You can still make due

The day was dark

The night was long

Never dwell on

How you were done wrong

It happens

To us all

Just get back up

When you fall

You may not see Him

But yes, He is there

Deep in your heart

You know He cares

Without help

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From your friends

He is still there

Even when time ends

There is no other

Who will be

As close

As He

Even when bereaved

He comforts you

If only

You will believe

So is your soul

Which is your mind

Not physical

But divine

So is He

Who walks with you

To remind you

Of what to do

We are not holy now

But in time, we will

For now

Be healed

Take wisdom

It is of great worth

As you walk today

On Earth

Without love

From man

It means nothing

He is love, and He can

Stay the course

Follow your path

Designed just for you

In the aftermath

When it seems

That you are without help

He will provide for you


Try not to worry

Even when you are afraid

It defines the way

That He has made

Just for you

When without help

He is with you

At every step

When without help



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