Poem #13 – Click Your Heels

There is no doubt

I will not come out

I do not want to stand in the sunlight

I’ll just open the curtains a bit so my room will be bright

I’ll say it again

I’m not coming out – that’s your  plan

I do not want to attend your party to meet your friends

My hair is a mess, I need to clip my ends

Did you not hear me before

I am not walking out of that door

I feel no need for lunch with a group

I’ll just have a sandwich, TV, and soup

Why do you continue to persevere

Because I am staying right here

I do not wish to join your social club

I belong where I already am, thank you

It is not that I am anti-social or even mean

I simply have no interest in these things

I never said for you to just leave me alone

I happen to prefer conversation over the phone

There is no doubt

I am not coming out

I don’t judge you, so am I so wrong

I can’t help it – there’s no place like home!









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