Poem #8 – My Moment


Be it  jump rope or hop – scotch,


Kick ball, or tag


Hide – and – seek also works


To make my heart glad




Though not always easy


Not always a piece of cake


They are still the substance


Of the moments that I take




When everything else is amiss


Or when I’m feeling down


All I need right then


Is for them to reverse my frown




They never cease to be lively


They even talk in their sleep


There’s never a boring day or night


These are my moments to keep




I’ll nurse every scratch and scrape


I’ll calm them from their bad dreams


I cherish every hour of lost sleep


When my moments are extreme




Each day they watch me and learn


As I teach them to travel the right road


They won’t be babies forever


So these moments I must hold




From the first kick to first tooth


From the first word to first step


The list goes on and on


Of the moments that I have kept




Even when they are grown


Girl finds a husband, boys find a wife


They will create moments of their own


Until then, my moments are my life





















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