“Safe Haven”

Again the storm brews, alone I travel, and madness is the road; strong winds blow, lightning strikes the core of my being causing my heart to explode.

The downpour is furious and white…another flash hits! Drops by the million fall with force; drenched is my foundation, soaked is my soul, this dark cloud overhead is the source.

Through fog thick with tension, my vision is blurred, this wicked rain is my wrath; winds of ire howl in from the west, belligerent branches break and block my path.

Live wires of anger crackle and fall to the ground saturated and sizzling, scathing profanities pierce the night air; all was so quiet not long ago, oblivious to the eye of the storm now there.

Always sudden and without warning, never knowing from whence it came; the rush of the wind brings my fury and rage…each time, this storm is the same.

I shout out in question, “When will the rain stop, the darkness fade, and where is the lightning’s end?”, while boisterous claps of thunder roar with hostility, jolting my spirit into yet another wild tailspin!

No longer can I continue on this road, I search out a less rough route desperately trying to find a better way; no longer will I abide the noise of the uproar – a voice from within reminds me to pray.

I obey…soon the storm that so violently arose now begins to subside; I humbly give thanks to the One who is with me, protecting and not letting broken be my stride.

Embraced by quiet – suddenly I can hear a blue bird sing while perched on a lone branch still intact; a song revealing grace and healing as the beaming of the sun pushes that dark cloud back.

The once savage wind is now finally tame as it becomes a calm breeze vehemently blowing no more; presently – gratefully, I find myself in a place that covers me, tranquil  flowers bloom and restore.

Along the way, my heart is divinely soothed on a road by the name of Peace; commanding the most vicious and fierce tempest to be quiet, still,  to cease.

Now that I dwell in a haven ever safe, I will treasure and not allow robbing winds to steal; I know that I can travel on the right path provided for me – not alone, but with He who resides within…guiding me to the place that heals.


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