“Another Way”

What did I ever do to you?

What made you choose ME?

Have you no sense of respect

or inkling of humanity?

I feel so all alone;

my self-esteem is now gone;

and all because of YOU,

my heart has turned to stone.

Does calling me a freak,

and making me feel so weak;

give you an ego boost;

when you walk alone down the street?

Is your life at home so bad,

and must I live my life so sad;

for you to make it through the day?

Watch it – you’re about to drive me mad!

I wasn’t raised to hurt my fellow man;

my parents taught me to do all that I can;

to live peacefully with others;

in this free and brave land;

but each day inside, I fight;

to live for what is true and what is right.

Does my mere existence;

threaten your personal plight?

Have you even looked or can you see;

that if I happen to turn this bullying key;

to a door of retaliation;

 would cause you to not even be?

I think not – but don’t get it twisted.

I already am, but you too can be assisted;

by the Highest Power ever known,

so that your name also can be listed;

in the Book of Life and not Death.

Apparently, I was chosen to aid you in not being left;

to spend an entire eternity;

of being tormented and bereft.

You will not compel me to take my life – nor yours.

That would only hurt even more;

of those who have the same being,

so let’s unlock that forgiveness door!

Now, with that being said,

neither of us has to end up dead.

Take the right route with me;

and be Highest Power led!

                                          …No gain can be attained by bullying, retaliation, or suicide                                                 because everyone loses that way. We can all be winners!   


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