“To My Life’s Love”


Oh, my sweet, though you still do – there is no need to weep.

 My dearest dear, please dry your eyes;

 Don’t you know that  I hear your muffled cries?

You should be aware that I now live in total bliss;

strengthen yourself by keeping in mind how you felt at our first kiss.

Never worry that what we had then is now somehow lost;

 till death do us part is only a fraction of the cost –

of what we all must pay when we vow to be one;

now, it is time for you to comfort our daughters and our only son.

Your task may seem hard, but you must cause them to know;

 that my predicament was the reason that I finally chose to go.

A breakable, physical body – I no longer need;

I hope you understand, please take heed.

I am with you always, although you cannot see;

I am made whole – INVINCIBLE – life is perfect for me!

When next your soul is downcast and your heart is sad;

set your memories on the loving bond that we had…

which shall never be broken – not even with me gone,

it’s only physical – but in truth, love, and spirit, you’ll never live alone!

                                                                       I still love you…..


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