You know that I would never leave you, but best case scenario –

truth is that you know the best choice for me was to release and just go.

My time with you in what is now ‘your world’ was very well spent;

each of you filled me with love and joy – even when late was the rent

Now yesterday is no more, those things are neither here nor there;

the main point is I still know that you care.

We may not have been wealthy, nor had the best in life;

but I am still your momma and your daddy’s wife.

What I have to say to him is solely between ‘us’;

and you’d better not cause a riff with him or make a fuss.

It is time now for you all to unite and get along;

and put from your minds the past now that I am gone.

Just think of how I would feel if I were there with you;

surrounded by negativity while your angers brew!

Bickering and fighting now will not help you at all;

please accept the fact that I have answered my call.

Your life will still go on, and there’s much that you all need to do;

we just live in different homes now, so live in peace – I have that too!

The only difference is that the peace that I have lasts forever and always;

so make sure that you can forgive and love for the rest of YOUR days!


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