Let’s Get Through This Together!

Are you the emotional type, or do you try to keep it all bottled in until everything comes down on you at one time? Do you have a tendency to outright express your feelings, or would you rather just take a laid back approach to whatever situation arises? It is true that we all deal with different issues in our own way. Some of us immediately jump into frantic mode while others just say ‘it is what it is’, and keep it moving, but  a very special few have the attributes of both categories, and regardless of which – we all have feelings and are in need of emotional/mental comfort as well as physical.

 In today’s world, it seems that we are all looking for an outlet from  the bars of life that are enclosing us into our own various personal prisons, and some of us needed that outlet quite some time ago but just didn’t know where the keys to those bars were hidden. Unfortunately, I don’t have all of the answers, nor do I know where all of those keys’ secret places are, but I am very glad to tell you that years ago and at a young age, I found one! That key was called POETRY, and upon discovering this one of many ‘gems’ of life by way of reading, I began writing my own. Finally, I was able to come out of the shell that I kept myself hidden in as a quiet and terribly shy teen by merely but carefully and creatively writing some words on paper! I even remember that at the tender age of twelve, my second and third works became entries into the poetry club in junior high school! This of course, compelled me to continue writing despite my ‘dark side’ that I truly believe played a major part in others’ interest in my work. Just imagine; the underweight, practically nerdiest nobody in school being stopped in the halls by the popular kids as well as the teachers to give me ‘props’! Needless to say, these incidents boosted my confidence and self-esteem. Although still horribly shy, I was able to communicate better with my peers for the rest of my schooling, but upon reaching adult age, my writing slacked off due to marriage, having kids, and dealing with various crises that arose in my life. To this day, I find it uncanny how these very things  were my avenues for taking up writing again.

In my opinion, poetry is a very valuable remedy for whatever ails us whether that remedy be reading or writing. It is quite therapeutic for those who are not prone to expressing themselves spontaneously about how they feel in any given predicament – much like I was in younger days. Writing became my shoulder to lean on when times were so hard, I felt that talking to someone other than God would do no good. Yes, I have reached some very low degrees in the emotions department, but as I wrote and felt that I could get through the situation successfully, I realised that I was giving myself advice and uplifting my  own spirits! Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe in divine intervention, and mine just happened to be this way.

Now that I have a better understanding of myself, my ways of coping and persevering as well as my avenue for it, I think it only fair to share it with others. I began this particular journey by writing poems for loved ones in mourning. Once again, the power of divine intervention gave me the ability to write poems that were to be read at funerals and included in obituaries that spoke to the bereaved from the deceased’s point of view. It may sound strange, but once you read some of the work that I post, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as the relatives and friends that have already expressed how they feel about it. Letting someone know that they are not alone in whatever way you choose can’t be wrong after all…there are many ways to stick together and support each other!


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