Is It Just Me, Or…

…have you ever felt as if you were walking through your every day life with your mind in a total fog? Are you trying your best to carry out your usual run of the mill day but are constantly being side tracked by all of the tumultuous and mind boggling pressures of life formerly known as responsibilities? Does it seem that paying bills, planning meals, keeping up with work and/or kids has become just a tad chaotic in an otherwise ‘organized’ scenario? Do you feel as if what should be a normal, daily routine has without warning morphed into some bizarre sideshow featuring YOU, frantically racing against the clock to accomplish the items on your to-do list that have surreptitiously and parasitically set up camp on your backs while you inevitably catapult yourselves into that dark and crowded bottomless pit called stress??? Are you physically and mentally exhausted from trying to play catch up with finances and chores that make you feel like you are running behind while they are in fast-forward mode? I for one, and surely many others would just love to hear a really good answer as well as a solution to all of the above, but I suspect that the answers lie in living life to the best of one’s ability while humbly though sometimes grumbling taking the bitter with the sweet. These days, many family oriented people who would in the past have ‘normal’ thoughts like: ‘Hmm, seems like a long day today’, ‘I feel like going on a shopping spree – chaaarrrge!!!‘, or ‘Wow, didn’t realize it was this late – better get to bed!’, have suddenly become: ‘Good grief, there’s just not enough hours in a day!’, ‘Crap!! – not enough money in the bank!’, and ‘I just don’t have the energy’. Recently, it has been very noticeable to me that these various blights that beset many not only negatively affect the working class, but stay-at-home-moms/housewives who in the past were considered by some to ‘not have a job’ (say what?!?) are actually getting a tough break also. If you’re wondering how I know this to be a fact, it is because I too happen to be a housewife/homemaker/stay-at-home-mom, (whew!) and my personal ‘fog’ is thick enough to grab a handful of it, pat it down, throw it into the oven, and bake a freaking hoecake!! Oh, my goodness! Either times have REALLY changed for something other than the better, or I have lost my mind – COMPLETELY…Okay, I reluctantly but honestly admit that with me, it’s more than likely a little bit of both – BUT THAT’S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE (Yes, I need help – just keep reading please). My point is that a lot of women who stay at home are married to working class men and believe me, that six word title for us entails many jobs – not necessarily including sofa lounging accompanied by bon-bons. That’s just one of the benefits if you’re lucky enough to find the time, but I’ve also found that a persistently positive attitude along with being too darned stubborn to stay ‘stuck in a rut’ work hand in hand; serving as great assets to those who are dilligent but just so happen to struggle; whether it be financially, physically, emotionally, etc. I truly believe that a brighter day lies ahead, and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that in order to get there, I must weld a shiny new pair of metaphoric jaws of life to free myself from the traps that today’s ‘life issues’ try to imprison me with. It is high time that I literally DO something other than ‘just deal with it’ to see that day dawn in my own life,  and since my initial epiphany concerning this matter, my heart is filled with excitement, my mind overflows with a plethora of ideas, and my soul is happy!!! To top it all off, I have even been blessed with a burst of new found energy which is a miracle in itself, so instead of always thinking about all of the items on my to-do list of cans and cannots/dids and did nots, I’m elated to say that my thought process has made an innovative switch to ‘What’s next’, and ‘MAKE IT WORK LADY!. I am now in the process of researching and doing my ‘homework’ to get this show on the road, though I thought about kicking myself for not thinking about these things sooner. I guess it’s a case of ‘better late than never’, and although I don’t consider myself the strawberry-chocolate-cheesecake of all geniuses, I AM WRITING A BLOG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Who woulda thunk it?!? Maybe it actually took me being stuck in that horrid rut for who knows how long for my talent, abilities, and interests to arouse my once non-chalant, slightly cynic, and somewhat complacent view on life. Though not very proud of the fact that I had literally forgotten that I LOVE TO WRITE (big DUH for me), I now feel like I am on a major, groundbreaking track and I will never be the same again! Coming from someone who has always been jokingly known as ‘anti-social’, I am now ready to share my opinions and ideas with others who can feel what I’m saying. This new embarkment for me shall surely be prosperous granted that I have faith and continue to gain knowledge of the internet craze and how it works.  I have almost become a net junkie (in a good way, of course)! Boy, have I changed and it’s not just because of the peri-menopausal symptoms. My thought for today is that no matter how rough life may be at any given time, there IS a ‘brighter day’ and sooner or later, I will graciously bask in it. In conclusion to this terribly wordy post, I am confident that somebody out there feels the same way as I, and whoever you are and wherever you come from, you’re certainly invited to follow and witness what I have in store as my brainstorming unfolds into benefits and blessings to those who visit this site. This blog introduces me, and before each of my ideas come into view, I will blog to introduce it also, and for all you readers out there on the wide web, get revved up, ready to see something new and don’t forget to put on your sunglasses as we start out on a motivational trek into the showering light of our much needed and awaited brighter day!

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